Christophe Imhoos, ADR Attorney at law, specialising in amicable dispute management

Services provided

A mediator and arbiter in French-speaking Switzerland.

The professional experience and trainings followed by Christophe Imhoos has led him to specialise in conflict management as mediator or arbitrator, also acting as advisor and coach in order to assist individuals or companies in conflict situations to orientate themselves with regard to the appropriate method for resolving their disputes.

This approach takes account of their respective needs, interests and preoccupations, within the framework of the following parameters: human, social and relational, communicational, economic, financial and legal.

Dealing with communication problems as a mediator, Collaborative lawyer and negotiator, he strives to help the litigious parties to best manage, i.e. ideally to resolve, their differences themselves, using a range of communication techniques.

Thanks to his training as a coach, he helps in the decision-making process for individuals or companies in conflict or crisis situations.

In addition, a holistic approach helps to better understand the conflict as a whole and does not confine it simply to the legal or economic perspective but takes account of the emotional and relational angle too.

Apart from arbitration, Christophe Imhoos practices principally with Esprit d'entente of which he became an associate with the founder, Viktoria Aversano, in 2012. He also has a branch on the Swiss Riviera.

Services provided

As counsel:

Helping clients with mediation and arbitration, or in a combination of the two or in other hybrid forms of conflict resolution ("med-arb", "arb-med").

Drafting of regulation clauses regarding litigation or as part of the enforcement of arbitral awards, recourses and drafting of the homologation of settlement agreements issued during a mediation process.

As mediator:

Both in the commercial as well as the civil and family domains (separation, divorce, succession, workplace, companies and associations) or social (neighbours). Criminal law (minors, adults) is also part of the area of intervention.

As arbitrator:

More than twenty years of experience in the field of disputes regarding delivery of goods, agency and distribution of all kinds of products, construction, differences between partners, associates and subcontractors.

Practices mainly under Swiss law. Good knowledge of French, Belgian and Anglo-American law.

As Collaborative lawyer:

Especially in family matters, with recourse to this process wherever possible. That is to say, whenever the clients would like to take a route that is conciliatory and non-litigious in the management of their separation or divorce, together with another Collaborative lawyer.

As negotiator:

Using negotiation techniques based on the interests and needs that mediation and collaborative law are largely built on.

Spoken languages

French and English, passive knowledge of German and basic knowledge of Italian and Spanish.

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