Christophe Imhoos, ADR Attorney at law, specialising in amicable dispute management

Managing and resolving conflicts otherwise

Christophe Imhoos - Attorney at law - Geneva Christophe Imhoos, mediator, arbitrator, coach and Attorney at law at the Geneva Bar and on the Riviera (Vevey, Montreux), offers various methods of conflict resolution for private individuals and companies:

Reasoned negotiation, with the aim of finding mutual agreement between the protagonists, which takes their respective needs into account and results in a win-win conclusion.

Mediation, with recourse to a neutral, impartial and independent third party, who, in a safe space for talking and a respectful and confidential setting, will support the persons in conflict whilst working towards a mutually satisfactory solution.

Collaborative law, according to which the lawyers for both sides must intervene and collaborate in finding a solution that is mutually acceptable for the individuals engaged in litigation; in the event of the breakdown of the legal procedure both lawyers shall no longer represent their clients before the courts.

Arbitration with one or several neutral, impartial, independent and qualified arbitrator who adjudicate the dispute in a manner and according to an agreed procedure that is in keeping with the needs of the persons concerned.

An à la carte approach, which can be a combination of the different methods for conflict management, in order to arrive at a mutually satisfactory solution that takes into account the interests and needs of each party.